Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cats and Armor

So I'm at my folks place watching the cat, Lucky.

We have a sort of wizardy-familiar thing going on: started when he was a wee little abandoned kitten and I bottle fed him and took care of his poopers.  Now ten years later he occasionally wanders over to say hello, and I can occasionally pick him up without too much hassle, although when I first got there he didn't leave my arms for a good 10 minutes or so: things have been different around the house since my dad had to retire due to the appearance of a chronic condition (not fatal, just requires medication), so Lucky might have thought everyone died.  His only experience with death has been other pets of the house being sick before disappearing.  Could I be reading too much into the cat? Perhaps.
Yet since he's tried using doorknobs, opening windows - and was quite surprised when he discovered that a ceramic plate could break- I wouldn't put anything past him.

Anyway, onto the good stuff!
 I brought some materials with me to build some back paneling, when much to my surprise I find that the aluminum flashing is impure!  Must be copper or something...

Still works the same though.

Taping things in place while I drill the rivet holes.

Thank god for my parents basement: its over 100 degrees upstairs!

And the finished... thing.  About 3 feet tall.

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