Saturday, March 24, 2018

Engines, Feets and Hands

 Been fiddling around with a snowblower engine.  Turns out a crankcase has a little valve to make a low-pressure system under the piston so it's easier for it to move up and down.  Without a sealed crankcase, there is too much pressure and the engine can't fully turn over.  So you either re-seal it (very hard to do) or get a new crankcase.  I tried some welding putty, but I guess it isn't airtight.  Since on this model the crankcase is attached to the engine block you can imagine where this leaves me.

 But, fiddling around with the engine has given me an idea for future mecha experiments: mainly on the powered variety.  All hush hush, you know.

Did some experimenting with foot patterns.  Very fancy (and Dutch!) but it doesn't seem very steady.

 So I went the simple route:

 In the meantime I also printed some revised hand parts.  Much more stable and rubber bands!