Thursday, April 13, 2017

Outdoor Work

A nice, sunny day!  *glances suspiciously at February* Time for some work

Fiddling around with the access door.

To move it around by myself I need to wear it and wander around.  Fun fun!

I remembered where I put the shins and dug em out (look away victorian children, for they are naked shins!):

 Got some snowboard straps at a thrift store:
 Modified the shins and bolted em on. Would've tested them out and made a video but during the pre-flight check I found out I didn't glue a few bits.

 And here's the Elvis pelvis.  Still nothing attached yet :/

A head mockup ala Madox-00.  2 months worth of Iced tea mix containers.

It's so tiny!

Now I need to clean my garage.  There's a reason they call it "spring cleaning"!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Arms & Reference

Threw together a quick render of the final armor design. Gonna need to get some steer horns from somewhere

The color scheme is like the "Green Mountain Boys" uniform.  After all, I'm not called "Green Mountain Mech Works" for nothing: Vermont literally means "Green Mountain" (french: verde monte)

Also found some reference material for a buck apiece

 Finished skinning the other side of the center piece.  I have a messy garage!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A-door-able progress

Terrible puns...

Some warping at the top of the door. That will be fixed when I put on the door ventilation cupola. The door side panels are going to be a joy *sarcasm*