Saturday, May 19, 2018

Arming Up

I got 2 pairs of boxing gloves at a local thriftstore.  Enough for a pair of fighting bots I guess :P

Started making the various bits out of metal:

Workflow is a bit different than carboard/papercraft.  You start out tracing from the paper pattern onto the sheet, but instead of directly cutting it out you just  score the metal with a knife and then tear along the seam.  It quite satisfying to rip metal into all the funny little patterns.

Secured to the frame with bolts and some funky inner PVC framing that seemed simple but took up most of an afternoon.

 I put an outer sheathing on the elbow cables so they have more protection and look pretty cool.  I have no idea where the sheathing came from: found about a hundred feet of it all curled up in the bushes behind the house.

The "hands" in the glove is just a 2x4 slid into it, bolted onto the PVC frame.

The shoulders were quite an experience, using about 40 rivets each.  I'm banking on the duct tape wearing off.  Or I'm gonna need a wire brush.

Mounted in various ways (aka a stap, a floating ball and socket joint) the shoulders are looking interesting.  Using some fun noodles to give an interesting shape and act as a cushion from the projected jiggling the shoulders are gonna experience.

On a separate thrift store trip I got a skull and sparring helmet. Every 'bot needs a head, right?

Spoopy scary.

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