Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stasis Docks and broken feet.

Since spring is here, my van has finally defrosted from its snow bank.  I went on a supply run to get some lumber and PVC for a new stasis dock.

There are four casters on each corner.  The front two swivel, while the back two do not but lock to keep the unit from sliding away when suiting up.

An adjustable boom arm is useful making a variable height for suiting up.  Note: adjustment of the boom arm under load is not recommended.

Wrestled the torso onto the stasis dock.  Spent a good few hours trying to find the winch and hook from the first stasis dock.  Turns out they were hanging on a the coatrack near the door behind an extension cord and garden hose.

The feet broke up in the last video.  RIP feet.  The mech has been de-feeted before it has even fought!

So I've come up with a simple, robust design.

And reinforced it.

Stay tuned for a video testing out the stasis dock!

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