Sunday, July 23, 2017

Test 02: Shoulder mechanism test

Did a quick test of the top half dripping with 80s cheese.

Unfortunately the PVC frame for the arms are too heavy for the current shoulder mechanism and shift the center of gravity drastically (even if the pelvis straps were attached). I'm stripping it down to the bare minimum of just bolting the armor to a single pipe for the arms. Aesthetically there won't be any difference.

Tested the bowden cables yesterday, and they work surprisingly well when you can figure out where to mount them. The other set should arrive tomorrow (monday) so I should have the arms finished by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I got some 57 lb springs to swap out the ones on bike suspension rated at 1500 lbs. The springs are too narrow to fit over the suspension cylinder, so I have to cut em down and thread 'em on keyring style... after I get the dremel attachment for cutting discs. Should work, I've had to cut a broken bearing out of my scooter before.

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